4003 w. Lake St. Stone Park, IL
Club Number: 708-343-2000.
written by, Mr. Goodtimes   6/9.08
A special promotional site offers free passes to Scores club. The chain has always been popular.  Perhaps it's because the chain does such a fantastic job of recruiting the finest strippers from from around the globe. Chicago has some great adult venues but I personally prefer Scores because of the quality of girls, customer service and cutting edge entertainment. However; this is my own opinion and you may come to another conclusion. Free Vip Admission when you
txt the word SCORES to # 69302. .
The history of Scores Chicago is as unique and rich as the chain of strip clubs itself.   Prior to becoming Scores, the building functioned as a variety of adult venues.  Dana Montana, a true pioneer of adult entertainment in the Midwest, operated several businesses at this Stone Park location during the 1990s. During that time span, such famous spots as the Dollhouse and Dreamers featured female dancers from the beautiful, white castle shaped building on Lake and Mannheim road.  One of the most notable businesses to function from this location was an all male revue known as the Sugar Shack.  The Sugar Shack was one of the very first all male dance reviews in the Midwest and to this day entertains women in Lake Geneva Wisconsin.
In September 2003, Scores Chicago opened the doors to the public.  Dennis Degori, who also runs a highly successful chain of clubs in Las Vegas and Los Angeles,  partnered with Dana Montana to make Scores Chicago the exciting, Las Vegas style adult club it is today.  The duos vision was simple: Provide top quality hospitality, entertainment and customer service to the Chicago Metro area.  Their venture has paid off as Scores Chicago is one of the most popular, exciting and entertaining gentlemen's clubs  to visit in the area.  If you notice in the photo above, Scores has no pole on its main stage.  The brilliant thinking behind its creation by Mr. Degori was to present a post card image of a beautiful girl dancing on stage with starlights in the back drop.  To accomplish this illusion, the owners installed a hidden fan under the stage winch makes the entertainers hair flow as if blowing in wind.
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Scores Chicago is located about 15 min from downtown and is a straight shot down 290 or the Kennedy expressways.  From the outside, the club seems smaller than what it really is. Once you greet the friendly cashier at the front door and pay admission, take a moment and check out some of the unique, erotic art work in the small foyer separating the black marbled lobby and show lounge.  The lounge itself is certainly an intimate sight to behold.  Scores was one of the first club's in Chicago to install large screens throughout the club and feature the latest music videos. I particularly like the seating at Scores because the tables are at eye level with the stage and makes for comfortable viewing.  Anytime is a good time to visit Scores because they always have outstanding entertainers. If possible, find out when they are throwing their next VIP theme party. In the past Score's innovative general manager Ken Degori, has thrown some of the best fantasy parties I've seriously ever seen. The entire crew at Scores spends days transforming the space into far out fantasy lands like the Taj Mahal or a Las Vegas Casino! In fact, during one memorable party, the Scores team imported thousands of lbs. of sand to throw a beach party. That was a fun bash!   My favorite space in the club is probably the President's rooms.  These individual and very posh private spaces are decked out with dark leather couches and are enclosed  in a glass setting.  After sipping some champagne with one of the many sexy strippers, you might easily think your on vacation at some destination far, far away.

The only problem you might experience at Scores is trying to pick out which girl to entertain you or your group.  The waitresses, shot girls and massage hostesses are just as attractive as the entertainers.  That's okay, all of them are available for time in the President's room.  I like to think of Scores as small slice of Vegas in Chicago.

Scores is open from 11am to 5am M-F and at 6pm till 5am on the weekends.  The club also offers some fantastic specials for Bachelor Parties and offers free admission from a promotional web site.  If you are in town at the Rosemont Convention Center, Scores is only a few moments away!

Alcohol Served-Food-private and table dances available!

Links from this page go to a promotional web site that gives free passes to Scores but is not their official web site.
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