The Strip Clubs of Chicago
Nerdy Facts-History-Background
Written by Mr. Goodtimes 5/25/2008
How is it possible that a city as large, diverse and populous  as Chicago have so few strip clubs within the City Limits?  With nearly 4 million inhabitants
(Majority in Cook County)  one would think that there would be more adult venues for party goers.  Don't get me wrong, the Windy City is probably one of the best strip club towns in the country, but- if you want to experience the full compliment of erotic entertainment this city has to offer, a saunter to the suburbs is recommended.
I should mention before I continue that -
The topless strip clubs in Chicago are just as fun as the nude bars.
Personally, I like a little mystery and find a scantily clad dressed woman more appealing.  However,  for those of you who want to buy a drink and see naked women dancing, strip clubs in the city limits will present a problem. In a ruling upheld by the Illinois Supreme Court in 2006, a damn good club which I need not mention
was taken to court by the City for violating Chicago Ordinances. I won't go into all the drama but basically the city made it impossible for strippers to perform nude in an establishment which serves alcohol. Reference Below-

The Chicagoland Strippers
Walk into any strip club in Chicagoland and you're likely to see a variety of dancers from virtually every socioeconomic background,  flavor and ethnicity.  Unlike other large urban cities, the girls at the clubs in this town are very chilled, friendly and free spirited.  Personally, I like Asian women but there are plenty of Mexican, black, white, Indian and other nationalities at all of the clubs.  If you are traveling to Chicago and want to pass some time at an adult club, try this: buy one of the girls a cocktail and ask them about their life.  Most of them will tell you the trials and tribulations of working in a strip club but if you listen closely- you will see that these women are a lot more than a sexy dancing skirt on stage.   One of the best times of the year to hit the strip clubs in Chi Town is during summer and fall. Chicago has a ton of conventions and flat out gorgeous strippers fly in from all over the U.S. to dance during the busy convention season.

Nerdy Info

You will also find that the term Gentlemen's club is used quite frequently in leiu of the word Strip Club in Chicago.  I've never quite understood the logiic because the term "Gentlemen's Club" was a phrase coined by the Brittish, which literally translates to: members-only private club.  Perhaps it's just a way club owners try to keep the rif raff out. I guess the word gentlemen's club does sound a little classier than strip club. You might also be surprised that girls here are never really referred to as "Strippers" Most places will adress them as either dancers or entertainers.  Nerdy fact I know but hey, now you know a little more than you did two second ago!
The Clubs

Chicago boasts a unique blend of adult entertainment as each club has it's own funky and fun style. Some of the joints like Diamonds in West Chicago, don't serve alcohol but make up for it by featuring young, beautiful, stunning strippers. The same goes for Admiral Theatre.  Cruise south to the suburbs and spots like Polekatz and Atlantis feature a high energy show with nude dancing and alcohol.  Yet other spots like Carl's lounge offer a strictly lingerie show but showcase hot local women.  Of course, you might be wondering which strip club is the best of the best in Chicago?  The answer is really up to you as it depends on your own personality and tastes. In my opinion, Scores Chicago offers the best entertainers and over all venue but you might like some of the many other strip clubs which are scattered across the metro area. Everyone has different tastes!
I am hoping to write a review on each Chicago Strip Club by the end of 2008. as it takes time to gather historical info.
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Strip Clubs all over the country have suffered years and years of bad press. The irony is that many of the so called politicians which rail against adult establishments are often the same people who frequent adult venues-NBC News.  Additionally, as pointed  out in the New York Times, much of a club's success has to do on where the establishment is located and the same can be said for the Windy City.  The state has already banned smoking in all public restaurants and bars which has really put a downer on a gentlemen's clubs ability to sell cigars. Chicago has high gas prices and high taxes, let's hope the state does not pull what they did in both  Texas and Utah by  taxing strip clubs. The good news is that  many clubs are working together  with groups such as the Association  of Club Executives (ACE) to change the out dated and false perceptions of strip clubs being filthy, seedy places.  I've noticed over the past few years that Chicago Strip Clubs are making their clubs more women friendly. In days past, women were not permitted to enter a gentlemen's club with out a male counterpart. That's still true in some instances  but you might be surprised at the amount of women who have a bachelorette or birthday party with their girlfriends at a strip club.  I kind of think its a great thing because there is nothing more fun than watching a group of women buy lap dances from a strippers.  If you happen to see a bachelortte party while you're partying in Chicago, by all means try to get seated next to them. Women are fun as hell to party with- ESPECIALLY at a strip club! I have so many funny memories of watching wasted bachelorettes and birthday girls undress and play stripper for a few moments.  Pure Joy!

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Strip Clubs of Chicago