Bachelor Party at the Strip Clubs and              Beyond by Mr. Goodtimes
Ok so you’re planning a bachelor party and trying to figure out if you should hit some Chicago strip clubs or hire a private stripper?  In my opinion, either is a good option but have you considered both?  Here is some an example of an itinerary you can use.

Daytime Advice: If you party is starting early in the day, a must see is wrigleyville! Even if your crew does not like the Cubs (shame on you) there are a ton of watering holes within walking distance from one another.  Another option is to hit navy pier or take a ride on the Chicago Trolley!  Hell, you can drink on the double decker bus and the groom might be so bombed he will think he’s at a strip club all day!
Disclaimer: This is not the not an offical web site for any of the clubs or establishments listed on this page.

7pm Start out with a private dancer.

Chicago is one hell of a fun town and there are plenty of options for the bachelor for his big night! What’s most important is that he is comfortable and has fun. The last thing a best man wants to do is force the groom to do something he really isn’t into. So figure out what he is cool with first.  When asked, I tell folks to start the evening off early by having a private stripper come over to the location of the party. Most agencies in Chicago are reasonable and although not always, the girls are pretty good about making it on time.  Prices vary but you can expect to pay about $ 150 to 200.00 for a 40 minute show at your hotel or home.  Remember to tip the stripper! Basically, the girls here bust their asses to perform for your party and the only way they really know if you appreciate it is by giving them a generous tip! It isn’t easy to walk into a room full of strangers and just take it off, so be nice. 

Janelle is a good friend of mine and runs
For Your Eyes Only
Private Entertainment!
Great Girls and reasonablly priced for a private show!
(630) 790-0511
8pm Have some Dinner and Hit some bars!

Since the private entertainment will only last an hour and end early in the evening, you will definitely want the party to continue on.  There are a plethora of restaurants and bars which will be more than happy to cater to your bachelor party. In fact, some night clubs and restaurants have special deals that offer free entry or drink specials so call around first and save big money.  One of my favorite spots to eat at is The Blue Water Grill downtown. The spot is intimate, serves fabulous food and has seating for large parties. Dick’s last resort is pretty good too but watch out for the flying napkins!  Both places are near downtown Night Life. After the bachelor has had a chance to eat and everyone is relaxed, check out a few dance clubs.  Places like Cro Bar, or any of the bars on Division Street are good options! 

12pm Hit a Strip Club!

By now, the bachelor and the groom should be pretty buzzed and fired up so there is no reason the night should end.  Pick a strip club to cap the evening off!  Nearly every single gentleman’s club in Chicago has specials and packages for bachelor parties. Keep in mind that some club’s do not serve alcohol but nearly all of them are good at putting a smile on the groom's face.  In the past, I’ve had friends dragged on stage and embarrassed so badly that we still joke around about it to this day! Some good options are Scores, PoleKatz, VIP, Admiral and if on the far south side 390 but any of the clubs are pretty good!   My point is, you can plan a bachelor party with out spending a lot of money and have activities for the entire evening just buy doing a little checking a few weeks out.  I should mention that if you are planning a bachelorette party, a good friend of mine at VIP Bachelorette is the person to contact! She has hook ups with a ton of clubs and knows where to find male dancers for the bride to be
Phone: ( 847) 288-9398
I am hoping to write a review on each Chicago Strip Club by the end of 2008. as it takes time to gather historical info.
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$299.00 FOR 6 HRS!

Another good agency in Chicago for hiring a stripper is Venus Dancers. I don't know them personally, however I have heard really good things from guys who have used them for a bachelor party!
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My best advice when throwing a Chicago Bachelor Party is to hire a private stripper to kick things off-and then hit a strip club!
Joe at Chicago Strip Shows has some beautiful, alluring private dancers, perfect for your bachelor party planning. 
Call early when booking private strippers to reserve the dancer of your choice.