club 390 strip club
390 Joe Orr Road Chicago Heights, IL
Topless and Nude Venue-Alcohol Served
Created 5/29/2008
Review by Mr. Goodtimes
About 40 minutes south from the hazy and electric skyline of Chicago, Club 390 lives and breathes as an upscale, quality strip club in Chicago's southern suburbs. Having grown up myself in Chicago Heights, I can tell you the town was badly in need of a classy, adult venue for the thousands of residence which reside along its Indiana border. Finally, the far south suburbs has a fun adult party spot!
Disclaimer: This is not the offical site for Club 390, although you can link to their official site by clicking the photo below.
Just a short drive from interstate 394, the club rests on nearly the entire block of State Street and Joe Orr Road.  While you are  making the approach in the evening, pink and red neon lights illuminate the building from the cornfields and factories that is the landscape for this fun spot. From the outside, 390 looks a lot like a huge warehouse, however; once inside, the club is as attractive and state of the art as any downtown Chicago strip club including the Admiral. Amidst so many south side adult spots such as Polekatz, Atlantis and Club O,  390 has more than its share of beautiful and alluring strippers.
The concept of 390 was the brain child of owners Mike Rossi and Chris Carlson. Together, the two young men envisioned opening an attractive, fun and entertaining strip club in the heart of the south suburbs. After spending over a million dollars and creating the club from scratch, 390 has certainly met the expectations of its owners from its inception in mid 2005. One of the most unique qualities of 390 is the laid back, chilled out atmosphere of the strippers and staff. The beer and mixed drinks are served quickly and are delivered by the 390's sexy ass waitresses! The owners and staff work very hard to cater to the needs the many visitors to the club and I like the fact I don't feel hustled to buy a dance like so many other places. 390's main stage is probably one of the interesting and sheer awesome platforms to watch strippers  in the Chicagoland area. Shaped like a long oval, the main stage stretches out over the entire center of the room. Recently the club added more laser lights and fans-the effects really highlight the dancers on stage.  One of the newest additions to 390 is the large, ritzy private room dubbed the "Executive Lounge" This exclusive room is like having your own penthouse suite; complete with its own bar.  390 also makes the room available for private dances. While you are at the club, check out the VIP room.  It's totally different from any other VIP room I've seen as the entrances are draped in long, shiny and ornate chains. This is probably my favorite spot in the club because it's such a nice spot to talk to one of the girls while keeping an eye on the wild action on stage.  Interestingly enough, a few of my friends have said that 390 has shades of similarity to some of the finest clubs in Las Vegas.
How could I forget the food? 390 has its own kitchen and their cooks are flawless in preparing meals. Personally, the Chicken quesadilla are my favorites, but the burgers and chicken are also supurb.  Finally, make if you get a dance to go back to the private booths.  Each booth is sectioned off and the girls get up close and personal while performing private dances.  If you have a few extra bucks, it's worth picking out your favorite dancer and spending some time in one of the club's dimly lit champagne rooms. 

390 is open 7 days and closes at 4am.  General admission is free during the day time hours but prices vary depending on the time of evening. Your best best is to call the club prior to departure to see which specials are being offered.
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